Monday, 16 May 2016

I Teach Students All Around The World !

Hi! I'm Saran. I began programming when I was 10 and have become proficient in programming languages like C, DBase, C++, Java, and many others since then. I am also fluent in markup languages like HTML5 and CSS3.
After building several apps for the Android and making several desktop applications just for fun, I soon learned that Application Development (includes mobile, desktop, wearables etc..) was a very successful career choice.
I'm passionate about coding and teaching people to code. I built my first desktop application when I was 12 and it was a great success.
Then I thought, why not share my knowledge with students all around the world so that it would create a major positive impact on their life. Then I chose to create online courses on Udemy which would connect me with students all around the globe!
Already around 21000 students have enrolled in my courses.
Sign up to my courses and join me on this amazing journey today.

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